Want to schedule
a sterilisation?

Awesome! We would love to help. We have certain requirements for the animals we sterilise. Please read through the following:

Who we can help:

  • Strays & Street Feeders: Unowned local Bali dogs and cats, including those who are fed and generally cared for by someone.
  • Owned: Local Bali dogs and cats owned by households that make under the Regency Minimum Wage (2.2 million IDR – 2.7 million IDR per month). See the government’s chart here.
  • Rescued: Solo rescuers and organisations (please provide proof of rescue history)
  • WE ARE NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED TO STERILISE ANY WESTERN BREEDS OR WESTERN MIXES. If you bring a Western dog or cat, we cannot assist you.

What to expect:

  • We are really busy! If you need a sterilisation sooner than 1-3 months, please go to your local vet.
  • We are not a clinic. Our vets are mobile. We sterilise outside, under shade that we can find. If your animal is easily stressed or you prefer a clinic environment, please go to your local vet.
  • We are not an on-call vet service.
  • We are not a rescue organisation or shelter.
  • You will need to provide your own post-operative care. We will provide advice and medication. We offer post-operative telephone advice, however we do not offer post-operative veternary assistance due to being a mobile sterilisation unit.

Don’t fit these requirements?

We are here to take care of strays and animals owned by those who can’t afford the surgery. Please support your local vet! Sterilisation is important for the health of your animal as well as the health of Bali. 

Have a Mass Sterilisation request ?

Mass sterilisation is any sterilisation that is not just for your personally owned animals. If you are seeking sterilisation for animals in your local area, village, a beach or markets or owned by others etc this is considered mass sterilisation and we must obtain written approval from the Indonesian Government Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (DINAS).