Missing & Found Pets

Like in all countries, pets often go missing. Some wander out the front gate, escape their yard, simply disappear or are blatantly stolen. We know the stress and anxiety of losing a much loved fur-friend so here are some ways to help you find them again.

Western Breeds

Western Breed dogs are often stolen from their homes in the hope of either a reward or re-sale on the black market. If you have lost a western breed please do the following:

  • Visit the Denpasar Bird Market. Opposite the main entrance there is a garage where western breeds are sold. Send a local who is familIar with your dog because sometimes when a ‘bule’ is sighted the stolen dogs are quickly taken out the back. Take a photo of your dog. If you can prove it is your dog you can get it back for free.
  • Check animal market in Sanglah near Sanglah Hospital
  • Check animal market in Tabanan called Bringkit
  • Posters and Flyers. Download our editable flyer and add in the details of your pet. Distribute through out your area in local Warungs, cafes, shops.
  • Social Media. Post the same information in your poster on all the local Facebook Groups in English and Indonesian. The power of people is strong and many dogs have been found. Here are a few pages with large local following:

Bali Dog

Bali Dogs naturally roam, however they don’t often roam too far from their home. If your Bali Dog goes missing please do the following:

Look for your dog for sale on these sites

Refer back to these sites daily. Your dog may appear and then quickly be sold.  If your dog is unsterilised then the thieves may use to breed from it, therefore keep watch for new puppies of the same breed, ask to view them and see the parents.

Bali Dog Lover
Bali Dog Lover K
Anjing Dijual (Bali)
Jual Beli Anjing Bali


  • Take a snap shot of the sale of the dog from the site as PROOF of the illegal trade
  • Click on the seller. Get as much information about them as possible. Take snap shots of their profile and details.
  • Have a local (not Bule or expat) contact the seller to organise a meeting – do not let them know you know the dog
  • Meet the seller and take the police with you.
  • Take proof that it is your dog – vet history, photos, vaccine books etc
  • Get your dog back
  • Proceed with criminal charges if possible

Contact Dog Rescue Groups. Contact all the dog rescue groups about your missing pet. Ask them to post on their social media pages: