We are people helping people to help animals.

Bali Pet Crusaders is a mobile sterilisation unit who travels around the island to help communities care for and sterilise local Bali dogs and cats.

Caring for animals helps improve local families’ wellbeing. We believe we can help improve the lives of Indonesians who want the best for their pets but might not be able to afford their medical care. We often go into rural and rabies red-zone areas to offer care where there are no vets.

Stories from the field

Bali Pet Crusaders Ibu

Ibu Shin, a 64 year old Balinese animal lover, has devoted 20 years of her life to helping homeless, sick and hungry dogs and cats. Her small garment manufacture salary is not enough to feed the 15 dogs and 20 cats around her home. But she still selflessly cares for the animals before herself.

Bali Pet Crusaders Pak

Pak Nyoman is a retired Middle School Principal in Northern Bali. His family feeds 30 street dogs and cares for another 44 dogs who live on their family compound. The dogs have given Pak Nyoman and his family joy and purpose.

Iman loves animals so much, he started his own dog-walking service. While on a walk with one of his four-legged clients, he discovered Aila, a baby kitten, suffering on the side of the road. Even though Iman already had another cat at home, he took Aila home, keeping her safe, warm, and loved.

Inspiring the next generation

When we visit communities, we often offer little prizes, like 1kg of free rice for the family or ice cream for the kids. Everyone who brings their animals for sterilisation gets a prize. This helps encourage people to come out and learn about the benefits of sterilisation. Through positive experiences and education, we hope to inspire the communities we work with.

Help us support families in Bali