Can’t commit to a pet full time?
Want to help the Bali animals?

Foster caring is a fabulous and rewarding way to share your love, help a little fur-friend heal and give the local rescue centres space to help other animals. Foster caring really saves lives! By removing unvaccinated animals from the clinic environment their immune systems are stronger, their social skills are better and the love they give you is unconditional.

What is foster care?

  • Foster Care is a temporary commitment from 2 to 8 weeks – the period it takes to fully vaccinate a dog or cat
  • No medical costs to you (vaccinations, medicines and sterilisation is provided by the rescue centre)
  • You are required to provide food which costs less than RP100,000 (AU$10) a week for a puppy or kitten, a safe and happy home plus love, cuddles and time for these fur-babes to be ready for adoption.

Who can foster?

Anyone! It’s perfect for expats who may not stay in Bali indefinitely, as well as residents who want to help the animals of Bali. Want to learn more? See the top 16 reasons you should foster!

If you would like to foster,
please contact one of these organizations: