Become a Sponsor

Partnering with us is a perfect way to show that your business is committed to social impact and responsibility. You will connect more with animal lovers and create a stronger company culture.

When you partner with us:

We hope to support your organisation the best we can. When you partner with us, we will:

  • Thank you publicly on a sponsored Facebook and Twitter post (3-6 times per year)
  • Thank you in our monthly email newsletter (2 times a year)
  • Add your logo to our Corporate Sponsorship page with a link to your website

91% of global consumers

are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause *

Ways your can join our mission:

Bali Pet Crusaders Dog Care

Regardless of the amount, pledging monthly gives us assurance that we can pay our staff, get the medicine needed for the animals, and continue to offer our services each month.

Bali Pet Crusaders Child

Help us double the impact by matching donations. We will display your logo on all campaign graphics and donation receipts. Or offer matching donations to your employee’s donations and create goodwill within your organization.

Bali Pet Crusaders ZDogs

Collaborations are a great way to bring value to your business while supporting the work of prevention. If you partner with us in a give back program, we promote your service or product related to BPC in social media 1 time per month.


Our team is family. We believe in taking care of our people and offering living wages.

  • Dog Catcher – $480
  • Admin Assistant – $480
  • Trainee Junior Vet – $500
  • Vet – $500
  • Head Vet – $1,100
Bali Pet Crusaders MSU

We need a sterile, safe environment everywhere we work, which is why our Mobile Sterilisation Unit is vital. If you help us fund a second vehicle, we will include your logo on it, promoting your brand everywhere we go.


Some of our funding comes from monthly auctions. From tattoo services to local art to home furnishings, no item is too small for auctioning. We will add your logo on the item and promote it weekly on social media until it is sold.