Want to be a Bali Pet Crusader?

Bali Pet Crusaders are always looking for help on the ground and abroad. Help comes in all shapes and forms, not just money.

In Bali

  • Co-ordinating your local village or street so Bali Pet Crusaders can come and sterilise their animals. Contact us to find out more
  • Raise awareness amongst your local and online communities
  • Request your local village or Banjar for a Sterilisation Day. Contact us to set up an appointment. Please note: We can NOT sterilise Western breed dogs.

Around the World

  • Traveling to Bali? Bring medical supplies that we can not purchase locally. See our Wishlist
  • Raise awareness amongst the your online community to generate interest, awareness and donations. Join us on Facebook to learn more
  • Contact medical suppliers for donated unsalable items (broken packaging, passed ‘use by date’) See our Wishlist


We want to grow our team on the island and abroad. Create fundraising events in your town, invite your friends and family to sponsor a sterilisation, or donate one time or monthly yourself.

Ready to help the animals of Bali?