Fiona Hooper

​My name is Fiona Hooper and I live in Adelaide Australia.  I have been a Veterinary Nurse since 2004 and have worked in a Veterinary Emergency Centre since 2009. I love my job and have a passion for animals and their care. Working in the animal care industry is my calling. I have my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and a Diploma in Emergency and Critical Care.

I have volunteered with animals around the world and have been extremely fortunate to do so in some amazing places. I have volunteered in South Africa, in shanty townships in Soweto where I assisted local Veterinarians from Pretoria to provide health care to the pets that belonged to the local people. I have been privileged to do volunteer work with the State Veterinarians in Kruger National Park where I assisted with the capture of two male White Rhino, assisted with the post mortem of a Lion suffering Tuberculosis and tracked Buffalo with Foot and Mouth disease from a helicopter. I have volunteered at a dog rescue centre in Bali and also volunteered with elephants, cats and dogs in a nature park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The volunteer work that I am most proud to be involved in is the Bali Pet Crusaders. I met my fellow crusaders in 2013 whilst on a volunteer trip in Bali.  My good friend Deb Banfield created the group and asked me to join in 2014. Our group provides free sterilisation of street dogs and cats and those owned by the local community. We rely on donations from animal lovers in Australia, Bali and around the world, without these generous donations we could not continue this good work.