Wow, what a month May was!

Our team, Drh Nana Dianita, Drh Adhie Fendri, Drh Karina Wijayanthi, Drh Dewa, Ketut and Nilla worked like trojans to sterilise 334 dogs and cats and educate the community on the need for sterilisation and basic animal care. The community are being so proactive and supportive and are eagerly awaiting their sterilisation schedules. We now have a two to three month waiting list for sterilisation as we are a small team funded by donations and are limited in capacity and we insist on quality of sterilisation and care over quantity of sterilisations.

This month male dogs contributed to 22%, female dogs contributed to 36%, male cats contributed to 15% and female cats contributed to 27% of our monthly sterilisations. We continue to sterilise both males and females as we are seeing more and more cases of Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumours (TVT) and if we do not sterilise males they will continue to spread the disease.


Male dogs = 72
Female dogs = 119
Male cats = 51
Female cats = 92
Total = 334


Income Statement

In May, we ran a number of raffles and auctions to help us increase our income and cover the costs of sterilisation. Sara Skjoldborg-Chapple works tirelessly to run our online auction and raffles which is very challenging with so many of our suppporters not seeing our Facebook posts due to changes in the Facebook algorithm.

We sincerely appreciate our regular monthly sponsors contributed $1,644.78 in donations in May and made 75 sterilisations possible. We received a further $2,266.69 in donations in May from our donors, our Directors personal fundraising efforts and donation boxes. We sold a total of $2,641.30 in stock and raffles making a profit of $2,052.45. Our ATO GST Refunds for the previous quarter totalled $157.00. We were able to recoup a total of $119.10 in postage from our auction sales.

Donations = $3,911.47
Sales = $2,641.30
Postage Recouped = $119.10
ATO GST Refunds = $157.00
Total Income = $6,828.87


Expenditure Statement

June is the month of Idul Fitri, Galungan and Kuningan and our team receive their annual salary bonus in accordance with Indonesian regulations prior to going on holidays. This increased our salary expenditure in May to $4,309.85 for the month. I am sure you agree that our wonderful, hardworking, dedicated team is worth every cent of this expenditure. The cost of sales and stock for the month of May reached a total of $588.85 and still allowed us to make a profit for the month. Our operating expenses included the annual subscription for our Facebook Store of $180.00 and two new professional muzzles to keep our dog catcher and vets safe at a cost of $66.97 and totalled $246.97. We spent a total of $110.00 on postage stamps for our auction and will recoup this as they are used. Our bank fees, PayPal fees and Stripe Store Fees totalled $64.68 and we continue to keep them as low as possible by inviting our donors to pay direct to our Commonwealth Bank Account and by transferring payments to Indonesia once a month only. In total, we spent $5,320.35 this month, however we have outstanding expenditure of approximately $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 for veterinary supplies and medications where invoices are yet to be received.

Salary = $4,309.85
Stock Purchase = $588.85
Operating Expenses = $246.97
Postage = $110.00
Bank, PayPal & Stripe Payment Fees = $64.68
Total Expenditure = $5,320.35



Whilst we wait on invoices for veterinary supplies to arrive, we have a surplus of $1,508.52 this month. This surplus will be expended as soon as the invoices arrive for payment.

We currently receive regular monthly donations to cover the cost of 75 sterilisations a month, without taking into consideration the cost of our team salary.

Our Western Australian Director, Sara Skjoldborg-Chapple is doing an amazing job at fundraising with our auction and raffles but sales have slowed considerably and unfortunately, Sara’s health is suffering from the extreme hard work and time it takes to run the auctions and raffles. At this point we are not sure how much longer we can continue the auctions. An auction may seem simple to run from a buyers or outsiders point of view but from my own personal experience and that of Sara, it is very time and labour exhaustive and takes considerable manpower to answer the many questions, comment on posts, prepare and package items and arrange postage and delivery. We truly appreciate everyone’s support in our fundraising and hope to continue to provide a first class auction experience with fantastic items on offer. I would like to personally thank Sara for her outstanding work and dedication to Bali Pet Crusaders and to all of the other animal rescuers and groups that she helps. You are amazing Sara.

Our South Australian Director, Fe Hooper spends hours each week creating gourmet cakes, slices and treats in Adelaide to sell to her colleagues at the Animal Referral Hospital Adelaide. Fe donates her very valuable time and money to make these tasty treats and has raised thousands for BPC. Thank you so very much Fe and thank you to all your hungry little colleagues that benefit from your cooking.

Our Victorian Director Pam Ramsay runs fundraising events whenever possible and has contributed thousands to BPC over the last 4 years. Without her fundraising we could not have paid the salary of our awesome team in Bali. Pam, you are one in a million and I truly appreciate what you do for us.

Our Queensland Director, Indelle Challans does fundraising chocolate sales and has fattened many a colleague in her endeavour to fund our project. Her coercion has raised hundreds and thousands in chocolate sales. You are a legend Indelle.

Our Sydney Director, Maree Elrington collects donations of veterinary supplies from Sydney clinics and has donation boxes to help raise much needed funds. We would like to thank Maree and Drummoyne Veterinary Clinic for their wonderful donations that have helped so many Bali dogs and cats.

We would like to thank each and every one of our supporters and donors for their continued support financially, physically and emotionally as we could not do this without you. We need all the support and donations we can to make our mission of sterilising 70% of the Bali dog and cat population possible. If we could find 300 sponsors at $22AUD a month this would be achievable but at this stage, we assess our future month to month. Please help us achieve our mission by sponsoring a sterilisation, sharing our posts, inviting your family and friends to join with us and doing your very own fundraising event. Every dollar counts and it doesn’t have to be huge. Even $1 will buy 4 pairs of sterile surgical gloves in Bali, buy oral antibiotics for 3 dogs or cats, buy 2 syringes with needles, buy 2 scalpel blades or 2 sterile drapes. Every dollar really does make a difference!

All donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia!