Our awesome team sterilised a total of 264 dogs and cats in April with 184 of those being female and 80 being male. There is some controversy as to why we neuter male dogs when we could focus solely on females. The Bali Pet Crusaders Management Team unanimously agreed that we would sterilise all stray local Bali dogs and cats and those owned by the poorer community regardless of their gender. Bali has a very large incidence of Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumour (TVT) in the dog community due to the number of unsterilised males and female dogs roaming and mating. TVT is a sexually transmitted disease and is spread by sexual contact or by contact with a the TVT orally and facially. TVT is preventable and sterilising both male and female dogs stops their mating and spreading the disease.



April was a successful month yet again. With your generosity and our auctions and sales, we managed to cover our monthly expenses. We could not do this without you and I sincerely thank each and every one of you that makes this possible. We received a total of $4,199.02 in donations from the global animal loving community and sold $2,401.32 in gifts and merchandise. We recouped a further $203.90 in postage costs from our auctions. In total, we raised $6,804.24 in April.



We managed to keep our expenses lower this month as we did not need to buy any sutures or sterile surgical gloves. We did need to purchase meloxicam oral pain relief and are expecting to receive the invoice for this in May 2018. We also have a previous outstanding invoice for medication earlier in the year that we are awaiting so that we can pay it. Salary for our aweseome Indonesian team was once again our biggest expense this month at $2,782.93 for all 6 team members for the month of April. In comparison to Australian salaries this is such a small outlay for the amazing team we have. We spent $1,397.78 on the purchase of stock for our auction and sales. With sales of $2,401.32, we made a profit of $1,003.54. We do our absolute best to keep our bank fees, PayPal fees and Stripe Store fees to a minimum and encourage our supporters to donate directly to our Commonwealth Bank Account. This is not always possible when donating from overseas and we appreciate and understand this. In April, we spent a total of $77.95 in bank, PayPal and Stripe fees. Our final expenditure for the month was for postage and freight for of $198.20. Much of of our postage is recouped as it is for sales, however we cannot recoup the cost of freight for our veterinary supplies. Our total expenditure for April 2018 was $4,492.28.



Bali Pet Crusaders are an Australian registered charity focusing on the spay and neuter of stray and rescued local Bali dogs and cats and those owned by the poorer community who cannot afford to pay a local vet. We do not receive government funding and rely solely on donations from the global animal loving community and our own fundraising efforts.

Our Mobile Sterilisation Unit (MSU) is sponsored by Pia Zen and Simon Chambers who cover the costs of routine servicing, annual taxation and general maintenance such as tyres. We would like to sincerely thank Pia and Simon for their very generous sponsorship and for making it possible to have our MSU.

Our Junior Vet, Drh Dewa Adi Mahardika is sponsored by Mission Pawsible for $300.00 per month. We would like to sincerely thank Mission Pawsible for making it possible to have Dewa as a member of our team.

Our Administration Assistant, Nilla Edwards is partially funded by donations from supporters of Colleen Woodhouse Facebook Group, Stop the problem before it starts. Colleen and her supporters have been an amazing help to Bali Pet Crusaders and are spreading the word of our project far and wide. We sincerely thank you all for this support.

If you would like to sponsor one of our awesome team members, we would love to hear from you. Our team members awaiting sponsorship are:

  • Drh Nana Dianita (Head Vet) = $800 per month
  • Drh Adhie Fendri (Second In Charge) = $400 per month
  • Drh Karina Wijayanthi (Junior Vet) = $350 per month
  • Ketut Sukania (Dog Catcher and Vet Team Assistant) = $300 per month
  • Nilla Edwards (Administration Assistant) = $300 per month

Alternatively, you may like to sponsor the sterilisation of a local Bali dog or cat each month for just $22 or $5.50 per week.

On average, we sterilise 300 dogs and cats per month at a cost of $22 per animal totalling $6,600 per month. We presently receive regular monthly donations of $1,758.48 which allows us to sterilise approximately 80 dogs and cats each month. We unfortunately, are never sure how many animals we can afford to help each month beyond the 80 we are funded for. Please help us gain more certainty in how many animals we can sterilise each month by sponsoring just one spay or neuter each month for $22 or a weekly donation of just $5.50. Such a small amount each week makes such a huge difference to the beautiful local Bali dogs and cats that we can sterilise with your generous donations.