Fighting on her own on the streets in Canggu, on the brink of going into labor.

Mimi was found very pregnant, in desperate need of care and a safe place to birth her babies. It is believed Mimi belonged to someone. She had a collar, but Odd Cat Cafe was never able to find the owners. Mimi quickly had 5 babies, but they all died within a week. She was too sick to care for them and wasn’t producing enough milk.

You often hear these horror stories in Bali, but we are lucky enough to work with many loving owners, rescuers, street feeders, groups and organisations, like Julie Le Saux at The Odd Cat Cafe. Julie works closely with the community to help rescue and re-home cats with the cafe being their temporary home.

Within 2 months, Mimi got stronger under Julie’s care and went into heat again, as fertile cats do. We joined Julie at The Odd Cat Cafe to host a sterilization day for the community. We sterilized 7 animals that day. Mimi was one of the lucky ones to get spayed. She is now ready for adoption and will never have to suffer like she did again.

Mimi is only one of many stories in Bali.

There are thousands of suffering animals in Bali. We make it our daily mission to prevent unwanted pregnancies, which in turn prevents suffering and helpless babies dying. Every animal deserves a chance at a good life.

Big thank you to Julie at The Odd Cat Cafe for having us for the day. If you are in Bali, be sure to take some time for cat cuddles and a tasty snack at the Odd Cat Cafe! Julie cannot do the amazing work she does without your support by trying her delicious menu. And don’t forget to say hi to Mimi!