Thank you all so very, very much for helping us get through another month. We certainly could not do this without your support financially, physically and emotionally.

New Admin Assistant

Firstly, I would like to welcome and introduce our new Administration Assistant, Nilla Edward. Now that Nilla has joined our team, all positions are filled and all vets can once again sterilise instead of doing administration. We are truly blessed to have Nilla who has volunteered at Desy Chen sterilisation days in the past and understands our policies and limitations. If you would like to contact Bali Pet Crusaders please contact Nilla on 087862328278 by phone, SMS or WhatsAp, and by email at


March saw the highest number of sterilisations ever by Bali Pet Crusaders and Yayasan Seva Bhuana with 352 dogs and cats being spayed and neutered. Although we are not concerned with quotas, it is good to know that we were able to help more animals this month.

Male dogs = 81
Female dogs = 129
Male cats = 69
Female cats = 73
Total = 352

It was interesting to see we sterilised almost an equal number of male and female cats as except for November 2017, we usually see many more female cats brought in for spay. Generally, we sterilise more female dogs than male each month and this month proved no different. Our largest number of female dogs sterilised in any one month was for May 2017 at a total of 141, just 12 more than this month. If we go by the calculations, 1 female dog and her offspring can create 67,000 puppies in 6 years, the female dogs we spayed this month would prevent 8,643,000 puppies in 6 years. Can you imagine that? Let’s have a quick look at our female cat sterilisations; once again, according to 1 female cat and her kittens can create 370,000 kittens in 7 years so how did we fare there? with 73 female cat spayed, we may well have prevented 27,010,000 kittens in 7 years. YES, you read that right…. over 27 million kittens. A job well worth doing if I must say so myself!



Once again, with your generosity, we have managed to cover our monthly expenditure for March. This may well be because we had less expenditure on veterinary supplies this month as we buy in bulk but regardless, our donations and sales were fantastic and this is all due to YOU!

Donations = $3,687.78
Sales = $1,834.00
Postage Recouped = $141.40
BPCHQ Rental Donation = $2,000.00
Total = $7,663.18

I would like to clarity that I personally donate all funds to pay the cost of Bali Pet Crusaders Headquarters (BPCHQ) and no donated funds are used to cover this expenditure. The figures are included to maintain 100% transparency of our accounts and for accurate accounting purposes.



With our Indonesian team fully complete with 6 staff, 4 vets, 1 dog catcher/vet assistant and 1 admin assistant, at our expenditure on salary has obviously increased. I would like to confirm that all of our Indonesian team receive award wages, transport allowance and medical insurance and could be earning much more than we could offer if they chose to work in the private sector. We are truly blessed that they choose to work with Bali Pet Crusaders on a charity basis. In future, depending on the number of working days (Mondays to Fridays), the number of overtime days (Saturdays or Sundays) that fall in a calendar month, we anticipate our salary expenses to range between $2,900.00 to $3,500.00 per month depending on the exchange rate. Staff are entitled to one month bonus salary per year and this will be paid in May 2018 to fall into line with the Idul Fitri holidays. Subsequently, the salary expenditure for May 2018 will be much higher.

Please note that the expenditure on BPCHQ is 100% funded by me and is not taken from donations.

Salary = $2,880.36
BPCHQ Rent = $2,000.00
Postage = $279.10
Operating Expenses = $84.00
Bank/PayPal & Stripe Fees = $65.79
Total = $5,706.75




With the generosity of the global animal loving community, our monthly pledges have increased to almost $1600.00. This is absolutely fantastic and allows us to sterilise a guaranteed 72 dogs and cats per month. With sterilisations this month reaching 352, our actual cost of sterilising these animals is $7,744.00. We hope with your help to continue to increase our monthly pledges and boost sales. We are desperately seeking corporate sponsors, businesses who may wish to donate an item or service for raffle or auction to assist us even further. We ask that you please help us raise much needed funds by sharing our posts, donating when you can, recommending us as a worthy charity to your family and friends and seeking donations on our behalf. Your support will help us help people help animals and together we can stop their suffering.

Stop Litter-ing …… Spay a Stray Today!

Just $22.00 AUD, rp220,000 IDR, 13GBP, $17 USD per sterilisation

I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for your support and friendship.

Thanks a million

Deb Banfield
Bali Pet Crusaders