What happened in February 2018?

Well, myself, fellow Director Pam Ramsay and Sara Skjoldborg-Chapple visited the team in Bali to give support and assess our project and report back to the BPC Directors Board. As usual, our team are the best; going above and beyond their duties to provide affordable sterilisation for local Bali dogs and cats. The team, Drh Nana Dianita (Bpc Vet), Drh Adhie Fendri, Drh Karina Dewi Wijayanthi, Drh Dewa Adi Mahardika and Ketut were all suffering from the flu during our visit yet not once did they let that get in the way of our schedule and even when told to rest they wouldn’t. They persevered through blocked and runny noses, watery eyes, coughs and sneezes, aches and pains and headaches to ensure our sterilisation schedule went ahead. To say I am very proud of our team would be a huge understatement. I am blessed to call them my family and spend a few short months with them each year.


Sterilisation numbers were down a little this month; I believe this was due to the BPC Directors implementing more checks and balances to ensure we provide the utmost safety for our team and clients whilst ensuring that we continue to provide an exceptional service to the community and factual and accurate reporting to the Indonesian Government authorities. Safety will never be jeopardised for the sake of numbers at Bali Pet Crusaders.

Male dogs = 63
Female dogs = 126
Male cats = 29
Female cats = 52
Total = 270


Income Statement February 2018

My eyes are stinging with joyous tears as I write this paragraph as you, our Crusasders, our supporters, our Directors, our family and friends have made this month possible. Together, we raised a whopping $6,463.07 for the month including donations, sales and recouped postage costs. If every month could be like this we could definitely have a project in the future.

I would like to personally thank Colleen Woodhouse for her amazing support in creating the Facebook Group Stop the problem before it starts and raising awareness of our project and being such a tremendous support in finding donors and supporters. I cannot express how much I appreciate your support.

I would also like to personally thank Sara Skjoldborg-Chapple for her hard work and dedication in running the Bali Pet Crusaders Fundraising Auction and her market stalls to support our project. As I know full well, running an online auction is not easy, it is time consuming and frustrating at times but she does it with a smile on her face and love in her heart. Thank you Sara, I am blessed to call you my friend.

A very big shout out to our Directors, Fe Hooper, Indelle Challans and Pam Ramsay for their continuous hard work and dedication in fundraising with their baking sales, chocolate sales and fundraisers. I couldn’t do this without you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Donations = $4,169.27
Sales = $2,168.60
Postage Recouped = $125.20
Total = $6.463.07


Expenditure Statement February 2018

Yay! Our expenditure was less than our income this month; that’s always a bonus in not for profit work. Our largest expenditure this month was for the salary of our Indonesian team which equated to $2,202.05. The next major expense this month was stock purchases for our fundraising auction in Australia at $5,78.42; but this expenditure led to our sales of $$2,168.60 giving a profit of $1,590.18. Our Operating expenses this month included the printing of marketing material such as our flyers and information brochures and the cost of a market stall. This month we combined our bank, PayPal and Stripe Payment fees into one bundle of fees which came to $60.11. Thank you to everyone who agreed to include the cost of the fees in their donations to reduce our overheads. It really is working.

A very big thank you goes out to Pia Zen and Simon Chambers for their sponsorship of our Mobile Sterilisation Unit, our vehicle, that has become an icon on the roads of Bali. Reducing overheads such as the cost of maintaining the vehicle allows us to use every cent towards our core focus, sterilisation. Thank you both so very, very much.

Salary = $2,202.05
Stock Purchase = $578.42
Operating Expenses = $310.19
Bank, PayPal and Stripe Fees = $60.11
Total = $3,242.17

The Future

With your amazing support in December 2017, January 2018 and February 2018 I can finally see a future for Bali Pet Crusaders. We still have quite a few hurdles that we need to jump but one by one we are working on them and we hope that they will not cause a big disruption to the project. Fingers crossed for us at BPC Head Office that our hard work with the Indonesian Government will be looked upon favourably and we can continue to provide our support in years to come.

Each month we need to raise approximately $6,600.00 to fund our project. This is averaged out over the year at a cost of $22.00 per sterilisation and approximately 300 sterilisations per month, equating to 3,600 sterilisations per year. This means we need to raise at least $80,000 per year to support the project. This financial year, 1 July 2017 – 28 Feb 2018, we have raised $49,277.72 and have sterilised 2,319 dogs and cats. Together we are making a difference to the lives of the beautiful local Bali dogs and cats and the communities in which they live. My thanks to you will never be enough!

Please help us continue this project by inviting your friends and family to join in supporting us, by fundraising on our behalf, by organising a sterilisation day or by helping out at a sterilisation day. There are so many ways to make a difference and you can be part of the future of Bali dogs and cats and Bali Pet Crusaders.

If you can, set up a regular donation of just $22.00 per month to sponsor one sterilisation and increase our monthly sponsorships to 300 EVERY month. This will reduce our burden and will ensure that we can help the animals that so desperately need our help.

One off and regular donations are quick and simple to do via our great new website, donated by Lauren Kay and Brave Factor.