Taking your dog or cat out of Bali is controversial subject to discuss and causes significant debate in the animal loving community. I personally have no experience in bringing a pet out of Bali but my go to man, Wayne Bayliss of Fur Baby Pet Relocations has ALL the answers. His manager in Bali, Rudi Sugiarto, is so professional and easy to deal with that it reduces so much stress.

There are quite a few people doing pet relocations out of Bali and I am sure they are all wonderful, but having the option of one more business is always a beneficial. As an added bonus Fur Baby Pet Relocations donates to Bali Pet Crusaders and Yayasan Seva Bhuana for every successful relocation.

This is a win, win situation for you, your pet and the dogs and cats of Bali as the donation helps us sterilise more stray Bali dogs and cats and more pets for the poor community.

If you need help, contact Fur Baby Pet Relocations to learn more.