Become a sponsor

Donate AU$500+ in money, goods or services and we’ll promote
your company on our website and social media networks. Bali Pet Crusaders are seeking corporate sponsorship for the following:

Veterinary Equipment

  • Sutures
  • Veterinary Instruments e.g. Spay Packs, Neuter Packs
  • Veterinary Consumables e.g. Steril Gloves, Steril Swabs
  • Veterinary Medications e.g. Ketamine, Xyalzine, Antibiotics
  • Animal Health Products e.g. Worm, Flea & Tick Treatment, Fish Oil, Etc


  • Head Veterinarian Salary
  • First Junior Veterinarian Salary
  • Second Junior Veterinarian Salary
  • Third Junior Vet Salary
  • Dog Catcher Salary

Mobile Sterilisation Unit (Vehicle)

  • Running costs of the Mobile Sterilisaton Unit (MSU) – Sponsored by Villa Gaya Kami, Desa Cemagi, Badung